One Day FitPro Workshop

June 16, 2018
Ithaca, NY

Hosted by Laura Vineyard
(USA North East Regional Director)

Only 5% of Individuals Maintain Gym Memberships.

Are you ready to stop competing with the rest of the industry and start changing the lives of the other 95%?

Learn more about our workshop below.
Frequently Asked Questions

Body Positive Fitness Alliance is bringing you one day packed full of ways to reach and change the lives of a completely untapped market of individuals who WANT to be healthier, stronger and more fit, but may not even know it yet.


  • have never felt welcome in your competitor’s gyms
  • have never worked out a day in their lives
  • have had one or multiple bad trainer experiences
  • hate working out
  • do not appear to have the “self-discipline” to maintain a fitness habit
  • aren’t totally able-bodied
  • never felt that fitness was for them
  • aren’t looking for fitness in their lives?


  • keep them engaged
  • lift them up and empower them
  • keep them coming to sessions
  • help them identify realistic and measurable goals
  • improve their quality of life while remaining within scope of practice
  • create a community where they can become their best selves
  • look out for their overall health
  • celebrate results of every kind
  • teach them to pursue fitness for life?

BPFA has systemized inclusive fitness to help YOU reach the other 95%



Body Positive Fitness Alliance Affiliated Professionals Workshop

You will complete the workshop as a BPFA Pre-Affiliated Professional. After we get to know one another and learn about the people you serve and how you practice, you will be promoted to a BPFA Affiliated Professional and land yourself a spot in our Official Directory and preference to local-to-you client leads which come through our office each day.


  • June 15, 2018 @ 6:30PM
    • Happy Hour Welcome Reception
  • June 16, 2018 @ 10AM-5PM
    • Hosted by Laura Vineyard, USA North East Regional Director



In honor of Pride Month, this BPFA event will include a bonus (free!) Sunday morning session titled, “Queering Fitness.”

What can we do as fitness professionals to make our gyms and online spaces welcoming to LGBTQ people?

Receive practice guidance on language and marketing choices to help you make your brand more inclusive, brainstorm together over how to address LGBTQ-related issues within your practice, and expand your resource list by learning about individuals and organizations already out there rainbowing-up the fitness world!

DATE: Sunday, June 17 ; TIME: 9am to noon EST ; LOCATION: TBD

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Workshops

The Hotel Ithaca

Ithaca Tompkins Regional Airport

  • Very small, just does connections from Detroit, Philly, and Newark
  • 15min drive to downtown Ithaca

Syracuse Hancock International Airport

  • 1hr 15min drive

Greater Rochester International Airport

  • 1hr 45min

Albany International Airport

  • 3hr 15min

We will be providing a simple, light breakfast and some snacks. Lunch and dinner are on your own.

Absolutely! As a facility owner, we absolutely suggest bringing your key staff members along with you to this workshop. The material covered and how it directly translates over to your facility will be well worth the learning opportunity for everyone in your practice.

Our workshop requires little to no knowledge of the fitness industry.  Many of our current Affiliated Professionals that have taken the workshop aren’t even fitness professionals. No matter your status in the fitness industry, our Seven Pillar education will provide you with plenty of takeaways that can be applied in any part of any profession.

In our opinion, it is best to take our workshop before completing any Kinesiology training so the BPFA principles can be applied from day one.

Space is extremely limited, so register ASAP to get your spot.