The Alley Gym - Denver, CO

“I am sharing my world with my clients and that creates a really unique trust and bond.”

  • Approximate number of staff and clients.
    • 1 trainer, 10 clients
  • Services provided and/or special demographics catered to.
    • Strength training, natural movement (MovNat certified), Postnatal Fitness Specialist, one-on-one and small group training for women.
  • What is their favorite pillar and why?
    • “Community. Even though I primarily focus on personal training, each woman becomes a part of the Alley Gym family and takes the culture of celebrating and uplifting each other out into their larger communities. It’s such a beautiful thing to see women connect over their mutual strength.”

3240 Arapahoe St
Denver, CO
Tel: 720.891.4811