Power Plant Gym - Aston, PA

“High-level athletes and total beginners all have a right to an environment where they feel both supported and challenged.”

  • Approximate number of staff and clients.
    • 5 staff, 50 clients
  • Services provided and/or special demographics catered to.
    • powerlifting, weightlifting, strongman, general strength training, CrossFit. We work with a wide range from beginners to high-level athletes. Katie specializes in working with women, beginners, and college athletes.
  • What is their favorite pillar and why?
    • “Full Health! Time in the gym is so much more than just physical training. What you do in the gym has carry-over to other aspects of life. It’s truly amazing to see the power of physical strength to motivate individuals outside the gym as well. Physical activity helps build confidence, self-efficacy, emotional health, gym and non-gym relationships, positive body image, and so many other things. We consistently check in with members to make sure they are HAPPY, healthy, and strong.”
powerplant pull ups
powerplant wall balls

10 Crozerville Rd
Aston, PA
Tel: 610.358.1888