Positively Fit Lake Highlands - Dallas, TX

“Positively Fit is a home based business and we are a family.”

  • Approximate number of staff and clients.
    • 3 Instructors, 50 Clients
  • Services provided and/or special demographics catered to.
    • Personal Training, Small Group Training with a variety of fun classes including DrumFIT, Indoor Cycling, TRX Suspension Training, and more.
  • What is their favorite pilar and why?
    • “My favorite pillar is Community. Most of my clients are working or part-time working mothers with elementary or preschool-aged kids, so much of our socializing takes place at the studio. Over the years, the regulars have become close, helping each other through kid problems, divorces, illnesses, and celebrating birthdays, milestones, and achievements. We do have Positively Fit events, such as movie viewings, parties, lunches, and theme-workouts, but I think allowing the group to chit chat while they work out, while unconventional, is what’s really brought them together and what keeps them coming back.”
  • What makes their VF unique?
    • “Positively Fit is a home-based business, and we are a family. If someone’s body really just needs a nap instead of a workout, we have a place for that. If kids need to come along, we accommodate them. If the whole group decides to go for a walk and talk instead of whatever’s on the docket for the day, we can do that. It’s just not something you can get in a gym environment, and I think it makes us more accessible and more comfortable for many people.”
  • Fun fact:
    • Positively Fit now offers online training options including Women’s Fitness, Senior Fitness, Group Fitness, and No Equipment Needed
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9239 Windy Crest Dr
Dallas, Texas
Tel: 214.450.3663