Forsa Training - Oak Lawn, IL

“Our main goal is to help people that have felt intimidated or not included in a fitness setting.”

  • Approximate number of staff and clients.
    • 5 Trainers, 70 Clients
  • Services provided and/or special demographics catered to.
    • Group Training, Kickboxing, and Yoga
  • What is their favorite pilar and why?
    • “Pillar 3 is key in our facility. ENJOYMENT. In order for us to help our members stay consistent and feel accomplished, they must enjoy it first! Our goal is to make a connection with each individual in each class. Exercise can feel like such a chore and can be extremely difficult to enjoy, but developing a healthy community helps make it enjoyable for everyone.”

9637 Southwest Highway, Unit #2.
Oak Lawn, IL 60453
Tel: 708.572.0058