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💙💙💙"Just one supportive adult cuts the chance an LGBTQ+ youth will attempt suicide by 40%." Be the change. Let's show up for each other and our youth powerfully 🌈 From Mental Health America: "As we move into the new school year, we must protect the safety and wellbeing of LGBTQ+ youth. While trying to deal with all the challenges of being a teenager, LGBTQ+ teens also have to deal with harassment, threats and violence directed at them on a daily basis.⠀

LGBTQ+ youth are nearly twice as likely to be called names, verbally harassed or physically assaulted at school compared to their non-LGBTQ+ peers. ⠀

Screeners at who identified as transgender are most likely to screen positive or moderate to severe for a #mentalhealth condition (89%), and young transgender screeners ages 11-17 are most at risk. Half of LGBTQ+ screeners report significant thoughts of suicide or self-harm, compared to 33% of non-LGBTQ+ screeners. ⠀

Their mental health and education, not to mention their physical well-being, are at-risk.⠀

Support the LGBTQ+ youth in your life. According to @trevorproject, just one supportive adult cuts the chance an LGBTQ+ youth will attempt suicide by 40%.⠀

Learn more at the link in our bio.⠀

⭐️ LGBTQ+ Crisis Resources ⭐️⠀
@TrevorProject: Call 1-866-488-7386 or text START to 678678⠀
@Translifeline: Dial 877-565-8860 for US and 877-330-6366 for Canada"
[image description: on a white background is a digital illustration of two rainbow hearts, one in a lilac word bubble and the other in a green word bubble. Below the two hearts is written, "Be the person you needed when you were younger."]
#TheBodyIsNotAnApology #TBINAA #RadicalSelfLove #ProtectQueerYouth #ProtectTransYouth
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1 month ago

Jane Rossi Musgrave

Hi all! Who is in Chicago? City or close-in suburbs. I want to get to know more fitness and yoga teachers in the area so that when we are ready to expand (north side yoga studio) we already know each other. Priority for BIPOC and Queer/Trans folks but we'd love to connect with everyone. ... See MoreSee Less

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A tweet from anthony michael lopez (@flittergaggot) that reads:

"The root of ableism is the denial of fragility. Our bodies are guaranteed to fail, in lots of small ways, until, eventually, the big way. Most disabled people live with this reality every day to some degree. Able-bodied ppl have the luxury of ignoring it until they can't. #ada30" ... See MoreSee Less

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