Body Positive Fitness Alliance

Frequently Asked Questions
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Who is the Body Positive Fitness Alliance?

The Body Positive Fitness Alliance (BPFA) is a global network of fitness and wellness professionals who’ve committed their practice to make fitness and movement authentically inclusive for all people.  We provide educational opportunities both in person and online to guide fitness professionals in making their practices as authentically inclusive of all people as possible.

What are the Eight Pillars?

The Eight Pillars are the tenets of our organization. They set expectations for Affiliated Professionals and help guide the fitness professional’s practice to be as inclusive as possible. The BPFA Eight Pillars are Accessibility, Approachability, Enjoyment, Community, Scope of Practice, Full Health, Body Positivity, and Growth. To learn more about each pillar, click here.

What is Fit2point0?

Fit2point0 is a term coined by the BPFA to refer to the “new fitness industry”- one where all feel welcome and safe to participate. In contrast, the “old”, aesthetics-based, toxic, non-health focused fitness industry is referred to as Fit1point0.

I’m a fitness professional. What resources does the BPFA provide for me?

The Onramp to Inclusive Fitness Practices course is your starting point. This online course will bring you through the core principles of the BPFA, known as the Eight Pillars, and teach you what parts of your practice are paramount to providing an inclusive experience for your clients where all people feel safe, welcome and included in fitness.

As an Onramp student, the fitness professional is admitted to a private community of other Onramp students to connect and share in the experience. Onramp students are also granted access to BPFA Exclusive Live Learning Seminars monthly- an online event featuring topics relating to our practices and outside experts to help teach us about those topics.

After the Onramp is completed, the Onramp Graduate has the option to pursue affiliation with the BPFA through Affiliated Professional Candidacy (APC).

APC is an experience which brings the fitness professional back through the Eight Pillars, this time with a magnifying glass on their own practice. This experience pairs the APC up with a veteran Affiliated Professional to make this a collaborative, growth-focused experience. The APC and veteran AP go through the pillars “together”, investigating areas of potential improvement and growing into the best potential inclusive fitness professional they can be. At the end of the APC course, the APC can then be graduated to Affiliated Professional.

What is an Affiliated Professional?

A BPFA Affiliated Professional is a fitness professional who’s been through the education and collaboration it takes to truly commit to following the Eight Pillars in their practice and have graduated from AP Candidacy (APC).  This fitness professional might practice on their own or in a larger facility/community with other fitness professionals.

Affiliated Professionals are featured on the map and directory on where anyone looking for a better fitness experience in your area (or online) can find and contact them. APs are featured regularly in BPFA’s social media, press mentions, and in partnerships with other brands such as Superfit Hero. APs receive monthly ongoing education in the form of Live Learning Seminars and have the exclusive opportunity to attend BPFA’s annual Affiliated Professional Summit- a two day, two-night event in February where APs from all over the world gather in person for fellowship and ongoing education.

The BPFA endorses APs as individuals. If the AP wishes to pursue endorsement for their entire practice/facility/community, then they would move forward to pursue becoming a Verified Community.

What is a Verified Community?

A BPFA Verified Community is a group, space, facility or other established organization for movement which upholds the Eight Pillars as an organization in order to provide the most inclusive experience for all people. These communities focus on the consistent growth it takes to ensure that anyone from any phase of life will have the opportunity to engage in fitness in a way that is meaningful, productive, and enhances their quality of life while in the Verified Community’s care.

Verified Communities are run by Affiliated Professionals who’ve been building on their relationship with BPFA for some time. They are full communities and spaces that embody the Eight Pillars where BPFA guarantees anyone can have a positive fitness experience while in their care.

I’m NOT a fitness professional. How can I find one to work with?

Our Verified Communities are listed by city on the menu of this website. If you don’t have a Verified Community near you, search for an Affiliated Professional by heading to our map and directory! There you can search by geographical area or keyword. You can even search for professionals who offer their services online or “remotely” by typing in the search box.